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Hello there! Mine is a story that began in Mumbai, India; but unlike a rolling stone, I have gathered plenty of moss. Having lived in Sydney, Jakarta, Singapore; finally arriving in the United States, grazing through Arizona to finally settle down in the Capital region, I think of the world as my oyster.

I began my culinary journey young, taking my first steps in the kitchen at an early age of 9. I give credit to my parents through those early years as they stoically bore my near-misses & successes in the kitchen.

My culinary journey has been a winding path rather than a straight line - as I continued to pursue my education in Architecture with a graduate degree in Urban Design, my passion for food if anything has grown stronger and with it my thirst for knowledge.

I persevere in educating myself on authentic cuisines from around the world - from culinary masters like Batali, Kalra & Grausman, to the often silent and unknown masters who grace street corners, remote villages & home kitchens.

Of this I am certain, knowledge, talent and expertise can be found from grandiose to the humblest of surroundings.

In 1994, while still a student, I published my first cook book - Gujarat Nu Jaman, on the authentic cuisine of Gujarat, India where the majority of its people have been vegetarian for over 3,000 years. After a decade on the best-seller list in India, it was republished in 2002 in hardcover.

I am very glad I worked on this because in the Gujarat earthquake of 2001 so much was lost - knowledge & life and rightfully so, I dedicated the book to my grandmother who has been a major culinary influence in my life.

Decades later – with an architectural education, career, love, marriage & kids in tow, I continues to pursue my singular joy of sharing the love of good food and cooking.

Everyday you learn something new about yourself and the fact that not only do I love teaching but am actually good at it, has been something of a revelation. And no less than a life-changing event.

I began as a Culinary Instructor at Sur La Table and the ‘The Happy Cook’ and since 2009, I have been writing Weave A Thousand Flavors with the intent of it being a step-by-step resource for one and all.

Since 2012, I have been a Culinary Instructor with Fairfax County Public Schools - Adult & Community Education and have been empowered to do the one thing I enjoy most –bringing the joy of honest, made-from-scratch & authentic cooking into homes.

I make every effort that my classes are woven with fascinating snippets of food history, personal experiences & travels that make the sessions as informative & detailed as they are fun & hands-on.

My latest achievement, a certification in Food & Cooking: From Haute Cuisine to Soft Matter Science from HarvardX, an online education initiative from Harvard University has only added to my personal and professional development.

When it comes to sharing my passion of cooking, I hold nothing back!

So thanks for taking the time to read a little something about me and happy cooking!